You might have noticed that there is a new light controller block released together with the config version 9. It has some cool features that were not easily possible before (like continuous color sequence, easier control of RGBW LED strips or mixing moods) but also few drawbacks.

See where you need to pay attention when converting these blocks

The Loxone config app offers automated conversion from the old V1 light controllers to the recent one. Generally speaking it is worth updating, however you need to pay attention to few details.

  1. Randomly, the conversion process does a bad job in setting up proper output types (Dimmer vs 0..10V, switch,…) so you’d better check these all
  2. For all RGBW strips where you have been accessing the W output directly (as a part of the room lighting) you’ll need to update the block logic entirely as the separate W channel is no longer present in the smart actuators config
  3. If you have been controlling the PSUs for the given LED output just by checking the output value of the block, this won’t work any longer with smart. You will have to use the scene analogue output value AQs <> 0 to turn on PSUs
  4. If you use push-button to start scene or mix scene into existing one, and after that you make any manual correction via app (making the current mood as custom), next press of the same push-button will do nothing.
  5. Something like mixing scenes I was very anxious to get with the update, but the overall implementation is a bit weird. I primarily use a push button to mix-in scene that illuminates the kitchen working place (more individual channels to be turned on). However, if anything happens with the lights setting after it gets mixed in, I am not able to mix it out with the next press of the same push-button. It is extra confusing for my wife and I will have to think about different way of controlling her corner of the kitchen. 🙁
If you want to turn-off power supplies for LEDs when they are not in use, this is how to do it

Moreover, there seems to be a bug in the new Loxone Light Controller. I logged a ticket #120559 for this. 
Issue: After scene reset (double or triple click) the scene (-) input triggers scene no 1. Expected behavior is to trigger the highest scene number.

Typical scenario:
I have four scenes. From scene 0 using plus you go to scene no. 1, then 2 and so on. However, from scene zero, first click of (-) initiates scene no. 1, next (-) goes to zero, and next (-) is scene 4 which is the last scene.
That means, from scene reset, both (+) or (-) initiates scene no 1. first, which is a bug I believe. Tested real, and in a simulation.

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