Maybe you'll change the way you think about smart homes.


Back in 2014 when I started building my own new house I was eager to get as much information and tips as possible to help me find out the best ways how to implement smart home infrastructure. One of the key resources for me that time was the official Loxone forum.

However on September 4th 2015 Loxone community forum has been closed, which was by far the biggest mistake they made in my opinion. Since then the Loxone community is spread across many locations. In the meantime, many of my friends that started to go the same smarthome journey ended up asking me questions for things I already sorted out.

I'd like to use this site to share some of my stories with tips and tricks to help others with their own implementation. I hope you'll find it useful.

Interesting products

In my blog posts I am trying to share my experience with interesting products in various smart home areas. These are usually things I came across or installed myself in the house.

Knowledge exchange

There is a dedicated forum to facilitate any knowledge exchange where you can actively participate.  I would be more than happy to hear your stories, opinions and findings on the things you have been dealing with.

DIY stuff

Sometimes none of the products on the market suits the need. I have done few modifications and some custom things to address the problem I was trying to solve. Nothing really major, just a small things that probably could have been done differently but at different costs.