Loxone AC Control AIR

October 16, 2023Devices, Interior, Solutions 2 Comments

Hey, something that I was trying to sort out by myself probably gets sorted even better by Loxone. One of the things that do have quite extensive impact on the overall energy consumption but was very difficult to control externally is the Air Conditioning. Loxone recently launched a product that should be the remedy for … Read More

Softub installation

October 7, 2023Garden, Solutions No Comments

I have always enjoyed relaxing in a hot tub / jacuzzi / whirlpool, especially during winter holiday if there was one. What if it were possible to have such an enchanting relaxing experience on a more frequent basis, feeling at home like somewhere on a relaxing vacation. Of course, everyone might have different opinions and … Read More

Somfy Glydea and Loxone

October 28, 2021Configuration, Devices, Interior, Solutions 4 Comments

Here is how I automated the electric curtains with Loxone. Having a motorized curtains in living room was not the the initial plan at first place. So I had nothing prepared for this in terms of wiring or any setup. Only this year we have decided to have a curtains on the big sliding door … Read More

Shelly Plug S works amazingly with Loxone

September 14, 2020Configuration, Devices 11 Comments

Shelly Plug S is a neat and tiny WiFi Plug that is very feature rich and has been designed by clever developers. I am really impressed about the overall design and SW capabilities this “smart” device offers. Unlike other “smart products” that forces you into vendor specific ecosystem (App, Cloud, ..), with Shelly the real … Read More

sDock tablet wall mount

May 31, 2020Devices, Ideas, Solutions No Comments

If you are looking for a nice and practical wall mount for your iPad tablet that is easy to use, has built in charging option and can do a 90° pivot, look no further. I think I found perfect solution. At home we are using one tablet primarily dedicated to the central control of our … Read More

Solenoid valve control (update)

March 14, 2020DIY, Garden, Solutions, Wiring 7 Comments

This post is an update of an earlier article I did for garden irrigation. The main reason for this update is an additional section/solenoid valve added to the system which I want to control with Loxone. In the previous design I used three of the extension relays outputs (one relay per solenoid). With the newly … Read More