Softub installation

October 7, 2023Garden, Solutions No Comments

I have always enjoyed relaxing in a hot tub / jacuzzi / whirlpool, especially during winter holiday if there was one. What if it were possible to have such an enchanting relaxing experience on a more frequent basis, feeling at home like somewhere on a relaxing vacation. Of course, everyone might have different opinions and … Read More

Solenoid valve control (update)

March 14, 2020DIY, Garden, Solutions, Wiring 7 Comments

This post is an update of an earlier article I did for garden irrigation. The main reason for this update is an additional section/solenoid valve added to the system which I want to control with Loxone. In the previous design I used three of the extension relays outputs (one relay per solenoid). With the newly … Read More

Water level measurement

October 10, 2018Garden, Sensors 39 Comments

The background I have been posting few updates in this forum where I listed the options I was considering for water level measurement in my rainwater tank. I somehow strongly accentuated the ultrasonic method of measuring but never actually implemented it as the price of these sensors kept this item low on the priority list. Until … Read More

Outdoor power outlet

September 5, 2018Devices, Garden 1 Comment

Let’s start today with a more lightweight topic here. I have been searching for some nice garden power outlets, that can be placed permanently outside the house,  regardless of the weather conditions. Typical usage would be anything from electric lawn mower to birthday garden party ūüôā I do not need any extra functions there, like movement … Read More

Starting new lawn from seed

December 10, 2017DIY, Garden No Comments

At some point of the house construction, or quickly after, there is a moment when the focus moves to the garden area all around the house. Usually this happens after the winter, when the snow melts and you’ll suddenly see all the work that needs to be done in order to get to a state … Read More

Soil moisture sensor

July 24, 2017Garden, Sensors 5 Comments

Measuring soil humidity to control the garden irrigation I have ordered¬†Vegetronix¬†VH400¬†– Moisture Sensor Probe. This is very interesting device.¬†It is amazing in particular by the speed of measurement and immediate reaction to the moisture level change. Its power consumption is less than¬†13mA. However, the supply voltage has to be between 3.5V and¬†20 VDC which in … Read More

Garden irrigation system and Loxone

June 18, 2017Garden, Ideas, Solutions 4 Comments

If you want to treat your garden really seriously, automated irrigation system is a must have for you. Yes of course, there are possibilities to align your planting selection to the local conditions, but to get really the most of your garden, you may want to have nice lawn, some fruit bushes/trees and possibly some … Read More