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SD card error in Loxone Miniserver

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I had my first SD card error back in 2017. After the investigation it was dead SD card in the end.
There is a easy way how to test the SD card in Loxone Miniserver directly by running this command from your browser:

This will give you back something like: <LL control="dev/sys/sdtest" value="SD performance read=1093kB/s write=1537kB/s no error (0 0), ManufactorerID .....

My faulty card reported this:

<LL control="dev/sys/sdtest" value="SD performance read=87381kB/s write=2557kB/s error (1 1048576), ManufactorerID ..... 

The card was really bad, even reformatting was not possible.
My new card is now Samsung microSDHC 16GB EVO Class 10 UHS-1 and is working fine so far (for more than two years). I know that the capacity is maybe unnecessarily large but it is difficult to order smaller cards these days.
Just today, I found an interesting blog, that apart from other cool stuff does explain in detail how Loxone Miniserver communicates with the card and also what are all the values you can get from the SDTEST.

Kudos to Markus Fritze!